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Ooze Studio: 

a community-driven 

art studio oozing 

inspiration & cultivating contagious creativity.

•     Ooze Zoom! - LIVE art classes (virtual)

•     Creative Workshop Events (in-person)

•     After School Programs (in-person)

•     Private let-loose workshops (in-person)




We teach Oozers to be inspired and let that inspiration lead your life's journey to success. We'll help you uncover your fears, find what makes you unique and cultivate an attitude of gratitude.



We work through play and intuitive exploration, only teaching what students are willing to explore. As a result, Oozers get a confidence boost and

take ownership of their creations.


No Limits

At Ooze Studio we teach you that creativity is in YOU, not in what you are taught. Every subject in academia or your career can be taught, but we show you that it's creativity that will help you imagine your own ideas. We show you that your creativity is limitless.


Fine Art

Creativity is a feeling! Through a hands-on exploration of fine art, Oozers learn about other artists and techniques more organically. We will not be directing or judging the quality of your work. 

You are here to simply enjoy the creative process.

SPECIAL EVENTS - Postponed till Further Notice

Art Journaling: Self-Care Part I


In this first part of the Self-Care Series, we venture into the world of gratitude and receiving. Sometimes this can be hard, especially for "givers," but with a little push through visual stimulation and creative exploration, gratitude can resurface gracefully. When our cup is full we are able to

give more.

Duration: 90 minutes

$60 per person

$150 for all 4 courses

Brand Yo'self!


A step-by-step guide on how to tackle the fundamentals of branding yourself or your business. Learn from Ooze Studio's Founder, Mia Medeiros, on the best methods for having a leg up on the competition and staying fresh while staying true to yourself and your identity.

Duration: 3 hours

$240 per person

Art Journaling: Self-Care Part II


In part two of this series we dive deeper into ourselves and draw or paint for self-care. We will explore what makes us unique, what our fears are, past memories and more. This class delves into our creative patterns, use of colors, shapes and textures to better understand the psychology of what we are creating.

Duration: 90 minutes

$60 per person

$150 for all 4 courses

Abstract Play


Guest Presenter: 

Nina Temple, an

accomplished fine artist and serial exhibitor, will give a brief presentation about her journey from painting to commercial arts and back to the fine arts. We will use painting to explore the process of abstraction. Nina will help you find your groove, release blocks and let go of your inner critic so you can find your comfort zone in abstraction.


Duration: 3 hours

$240 per person


After School

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