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100% of your contribution goes to helping the day-to-day 

operations and purchasing of materials needed to make Ooze Studio so fun!


We believe #funisproductive 😜

Your donation also aids in oozing inspiration for the community, by funding FREE PUBLIC DAYS, so no matter what their budget, anyone can have a chance to ooze creativity!

"I have first-hand experience with using art to help bring out the confidence in children and instill greater values and morals in teens and young adults. By caring for these young souls through creative projects, they were immediately able to turn around learning issues and social hindrances, which, in a couple cases could have been life threatening. I believe whole-heartedly in the power of having a creative outlet!" 

- Mia Temple,

Founder & Creative Motivator, of Ooze Studio

We thank you, and the community thanks you!


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