Ooze Studio is a community-driven art studio oozing inspiration for creative self-discovery.


Self-discovery is different for everyone but ultimately is the process of achieving self-awareness, through acquiring insights into your own character, feelings, perceptions and how you are affected by your surroundings. This process can involve as much or as little as you want to allow. Our comfort zone, helps you grow your comfort zone, allowing for the uncomfortable and ambiguis to no longer be a hurdle.


We offer a hospitable environment for people to explore their imaginations through the process of making art, quieting their inner critic and learning that their creativity is limitless. 


Ooze offers monthly, weekly or daily rates, as well as, Open 2 Ooze days (free to the public) so that the entire community may enjoy the benefits of having more creativity in their lives. We want to help each person from ages 4 -104 grow, as well as build confidence and self-awareness through an ease of access to art and 

creative inspiration.

Art and creativity are not just about lesson plans and technique. It’s not all about the color wheel and 7 principles of Art. It’s about creativity! Creativity is more of a feeling, It’s working through play and exploration in order to find a solution. It's teaching that creativity is in YOU not in what you learn. Every subject in academia can be taught, but it’s creativity that helps you imagine your own ideas in those subjects.

There are four key responsibilities we have when it comes to sharing and exploring our art and creativity:

  • to inspire

  • to help members face uncertainty head on

  • to provide tools for the creation of ideas and solutions (not feed you ideas)

  • to show you that your creativity is an innate part of everyone, and it can be limitless!

We build self-confidence by allowing Oozers to research and problem solve on their own, and then their work is put on display (with their consent) in public view. Seeing their work on display puts it into a different light, it shows us that no matter our level or lack of expertise, enjoying art is about the process. Good or bad, we find happiness with ourselves by simply doing.



To provide a comfortable and safe space where people of all ages can explore their imaginations and foster their creativity through the process of producing art. 

To cultivate creative thinkers who will confidently carry their creativity into every aspect of life, helping the community bridge cultural divides and grow into a more unified, culturally rich environment.



1       Cultivate creative minds, not technical artists

2       Be open-minded 

3       Learn something from everyone 

4       There is always work to do

5       Fun is productive 

6       Lead don’t demand (artful prompts are okay, but overly directorial teaching is not)

7       Treat everyone with respect, equally 

8       Listen, then suggest 

9       Be hospitable and kind, making everyone feel at home; serve your community well   

10     Get excited about creativity! It's contagious!

11     There are no mistakes in art – quiet the inner critic

12     Find value in yourself and others

13     No thing or idea is unique, but every person is 

14     Always credit the artist we are inspired by

15     Earn trust of others by having compassion and integrity


Nice to meet you!

My name is Mia, and I decided to open Ooze Studio after 15 years as a Creative Director for my own Graphic Design and Marketing company, 7+ years as an Event Director, loads of experience in fashion retail and most recently volunteering as head of the art docent program at my children's elementary school.


I've been immersed in art since I can remember. I come from an artsy family, including painters, musicians, writers and photographers, so I’ve always had the wonderful support of allowing creativity to be instilled in me and all I do. Even at a young age, I noticed how much good this did for people. No matter where I lived, or who I met, the arts were always a healthy outlet.  


In my personal experience, I have seen some beautiful and also terrible things and found through first-hand experience the arts were a highly effective way of coping with the scary moments. I have helped neighbors, friends and myself pull out of issues like domestic violence, rape, gangs and drug abuse by using painting, drawing, free-styling and writing, or simply allowing them to immerse themselves into my world of art by looking at art books while I danced and painted. This creative vibe is infectious and a way a better addiction than drugs, a better outlet than violence and an excellent excuse for removing yourself from bad environments. 


Professionally, every role I had was bettered by having a creative mindset. Using creativity to find solutions for myself, my clients, working as a team and even how to deal with competitors was crucial to career success. 

Creativity and imagination are part of what makes us human and they are intuitive necessities that I feel wholeheartedly should be cultivated in everyone. When you boost your own creativity, you take that into the community and use it as a way to positively connect with yourself and others. 


I'm opening Ooze Studio to act as a safe space for the community to be free to ooze creativity and inspiration. Ooze will be a non-judgmental, non-directorial platform for fostering the good that creativity brings to us all, individually and as a whole... and allowing that creative goodness to be contagious.




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