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Nina Temple

Visual Artist,

Carmel Valley, CA

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nina b&w6.jpg

Mia has a natural spirit that has a way of automatically connecting with kids. Very rare!!

- Nina Temple

Sarah Riddle

Support Staff at

Skyridge Elementary school,

Auburn, CA

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The love of art Mia posesses oozes from her finger tips. Watching her work with children and teach them that same love and respect for art is truly something amazing to witness. 

- Sarah Riddle

Maddy Candler

Gymnastics Coach and

College Student,

San Diego, CA

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“Mia didn’t just introduce me to the idea that art has no boundaries, but she introduced me to the importance of recognizing art anywhere and everywhere. Mia possesses the ability to show you more of yourself with art, whether that be creating or just appreciating it for what it is.” 

- Maddy Candler

Ashlie Helm

Parent of Oozers

Scott Laboratories,

Auburn, CA

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Since the start of COVID19 pandemic, Mia has stepped up to provide a much needed outlet for kids and adults alike, recognizing that Art is what will get us all through this. It’s amazing to see how engaged, and creative the kids are, and how connected to one another they became through Ooze Studio!! This is truly something special, I’m very grateful to have Ooze in our community.

-- Ashlie Helm

Mrs. Brown

Former Principal of

Skyridge Elementary School, Carmichael, CA

Testimonial >>

Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 9.17.28 PM.png

Mia Medeiros, who is a great artist herself has created an art renaissance at Skyridge elementary school. Her enthusiasm to bring thoughtful art lessons to all students and leading the Art Docent program at our school this year has been inspirational. We are lucky to have her and our PTC who support this important work. 


Art allows our students to express their creativity, thoughts and it develops motor skills, social skills, risk taking and inventiveness for all learners. Skyridge Elementary School values the Arts for our students' education. We are lucky to have a community, and parents such as Ms. Temple, that are willing to share their artistic vision and talent with our students, staff and school. We fully support her opening of Ooze Studio.

- Mrs. Angelika Brown



Ooze Studio started in the quaint town of Auburn, nestled in the breathtaking Sierra Foothills portion of Placer County, California (part of the Sacramento metropolitan area). Auburn's community is wholesome, rich in history and is currently undergoing a massive refresh economically and culturally. People who have roots here, as well as those coming in from other parts of California are opening new businesses helping to make one of California's oldest towns feel new once again. 

In this revival, there is a thirst to have more creative activities, and we are excited to be on the forefront of offering it in a unique and progressive way that has never been done in this town.



  • It is the Endurance Capitol of the World with a wide array of endurance events and world class trails

  • Auburn is known for its California Gold Rush history, and is registered as a California Historical Landmark

  • Auburn is home to Placer High School, which is one of the oldest high schools in California

CLICK HERE for more information on what Placer County has to offer in the Arts and Culture scene.




We are currently looking for sponsors!

Did you know that your customers are 40% more likely to visit your business because of your support and affiliation with the community. 

Ooze Studio offers individuals and businesses plenty of opportunities to support our workshops and after school programs while advertising your business.


Show your community today that you support the Ooze Studio vision, arts 

education and creative culture!


Your sponsorship comes with many great acknowledgement options. Please email for more information on sponsor opportunities!

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