Ooze Studio 

is a community art studio oozing inspiration

for creative self-discovery.


OMG, I could totally use some creative inspiration in my life.

I need to find 

more confidence

at work!

OoZe has a contagiously 

creative vibe, great for

finding inspo and inner strength.... 

You will love it!

Workshop Events & After School Programs

100% of your contribution goes to helping the day-to-day 

operations and purchasing of materials needed to make OoZe Studio so fun! We believe #funisproductive ;]

Your donation also aids in oozing inspiration for the community, by funding FREE DAYS, which are open to the public, so no matter what their budget, anyone can have a chance to ooze creativity!

We thank you, and the community thanks you!


Ooze Studio is COMING SOON!

Please email us if you have any immediate inquiries.